Experiencing recent changes in your memory and focus?

elovee (el-oh-vee) connects you with a personal, licensed clinician for weekly interactive cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

The result is accessible, affordable, and personalized high quality care, all delivered from the comfort of your phone.

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Our approach

elovee combines cognitive rehabilitation therapy with lifestyle support to improve how you think, feel, and function.

You receive dedicated support from your very own brain health expert (elovee Specialist).

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Our approach

1. Brain Health Assessment

  • 60 minute phone consultation with your elovee Specialist
  • Receive a personalized care plan

2. Interactive On Demand Therapy

  • 20 minute pre-recorded sessions 3x per week
  • Easy to use and accessible by any phone

3. Feedback & Support

  • Weekly review by your elovee Specialist
  • Access your elovee Care Team anytime

Benefits of our program

Brain Health Assessment

Improve your memory, focus, language and problem solving skills

Personalized Program

Develop lifestyle strategies to manage your cognitive changes

Ongoing Support

Increase your confidence in social interactions


of our members are seeing an improvement in their cognitive goals in just 4 weeks.

Your elovee membership includes:

  • Monthly 1:1 consultation with your elovee specialist
  • Personalized Care Plan
  • Healthy Brain Activities Library
  • Expert feedback and support
  • Resources to reduce your risk of cognitive decline
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Hear from our community

“The program has helped me make changes starting from the inside out. I know it’s designed for thinking and remembering, which I’ve seen differences in, but it also helped me from within to feel healthier and more aware.”

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