For seniors with dementia

Expert care now looks & sounds like family


It’s an innovation you’ll have to see (and hear) to believe



It really calmed her down when she was asking for her son that she could call and talk to him.”


“It warms my heart to be able to help mom, especially when I'm away.”


“Seeing her son changes her mood, you saw it – she was kissing the screen.”


”The product is great and there was an incredible reaction. It brings a lot of value, joy and purpose.”


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It’s you, only digital

We create a digital ‘you’ that looks like you, sounds like you, and offers the comfort and support of you. Whenever they need family, you’ll be there at their fingertips.


Lend us your ears
(and voice)


It’s your face and your voice available even when you’re not.


You’ll always be there

Caregivers can call the digital ‘you’ any time, day or night.


You’ll always know what to say.

The digital ‘you’ can have lifelike conversations and knows exactly what to say. Words and phrases proven to reassure seniors with dementia are built right in.

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“Hi Mum, it’s me, Annie, your daughter. How are you? Is everything ok?”


They’ll feel calm and connected.

After interacting with their digital ‘you’, seniors felt calm, heard and loved. It led to more positive interactions all day long.


Pioneering a new way to look at dementia care, together.

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