Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does elovee work?

elovee uses leading-edge technology to create a digital render of a family member that looks like them and sounds like them.

The family member signs up through the secure app, snaps a picture and records a few short audio clips. Then, elovee’s conversation software uses the image and audio to build a personalized digital render of them—it’s called a digital persona.

Caregivers can call the family member’s digital persona any time. It responds in real-time and looks and sounds just like the family member. It’s like a video phone call, except family doesn’t have to be on the other end of the line for it to work. It’s their face and their voice available to offer calm, comfort and support any time, day or night, even at a moment’s notice.


Q. How long does it take to set up?

About 10 to 15 minutes. Family members can sign up securely, then the app setup begins. elovee will prompt them to snap a picture and record a few short audio clips. A variety of audio clips are needed in order for elovee to create the family member’s unique voice imprint. This allows it to sound as authentic as possible. Within minutes, the elovee software creates the family member’s personalized digital persona. Once that’s created, caregivers can begin using the app right away.


Q. Is it secure?

Yes. The app is easy, safe, and secure. The identity of the user is protected at every step.

Q. When can caregivers use it?

Any time they need to. Caregivers can turn to elovee at a moment’s notice to reassure seniors in times of need. Below are some example scenarios. Caregivers can call elovee to help…

  • encourage a senior to get dressed in the morning

  • support a senior who appears upset or lost in thought

  • redirect a senior who has become fixated on a specific task

  • share memories and tell stories that make a senior smile

  • offer a conversation with a familiar face if a senior seems lonely

  • reassure the senior that their family is always here for them

  • prevent a specific behavior from escalating or occuring in the first place


Q. How does elovee make the caregiver’s job easier?

For seniors with dementia, life is an ever-changing blur between reality and perception. Simple tasks can cause stress, anxiety, and agitation, making them feel scared, frustrated and alone. Caregivers spend a lot of time during the day reassuring seniors during these difficult moments.

With elovee, they now have additional support to reassure and redirect seniors by offering the calming voice of a family member along with phrases proven to alleviate stress.

For caregivers, elovee is a new partner in care, easy to implement and a seamless part of the day. Knowing they can turn to elovee in times of need to effectively reassure a senior or even prevent specific behaviors from happening in the first place enhances their relationship, boosts confidence and creates a lasting, positive impact. Time spent reassuring and redirecting seniors can now be spent engaging in meaningful, personalized interactions. It allows caregivers to do their job more efficiently and focus on the things that matters most, like providing the best possible care for their seniors and connecting with them on a deeper level.


Q. How will I know if it’s helping?

Following each interaction with elovee, caregivers are prompted to provide feedback on how the session went. A brief survey allows caregivers to note the senior’s mood before and after interacting with elovee. The family member also receives regular alerts on how and when their loved one used the app.

Collecting this data is an important way for caregivers and family members to assess what’s working and what’s not. The app will also identify patterns which, in turn, makes the experience even more personalized to the senior’s specific needs. For example, if a particular interaction or response leads to a positive outcome 4 out of 5 times, that interaction prompt will pop to the top of the feed so that caregivers can access it even faster.

Q. What if my local Senior Care Center doesn’t offer elovee?

elovee is a brand new software that was recently released in the market. If you’d like to recommend elovee as part of the care program at your local Senior Care Center, simply sign up here for more information. You can also speak directly to the manager in charge and pass along the information.

Q. Can my loved one really call me any time?

Yes. As long as the caregiver has the app within reach, they can call elovee any time, day or night, and the digital ‘you’ will respond. Once a call is placed, the senior can talk to elovee in real-time, just like a video phone call, even if you aren’t on the other end of the line. The conversations are lifelike and authentic—it looks like you and sounds like you.

With elovee, family can be there any time, day or night to offer comfort and support, even while stuck at work, picking up the kids from school, cooking dinner, or thousands of miles away. For many seniors with dementia, simply hearing the sound a family member’s voice is powerful enough to make them feel calm and cared for.

Q. How do I sign up for elovee?

To sign up for elovee, simply enter your email address here or download the app at the App Store. You will receive a welcome email with directions on how to log in and get started.