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How does elovee create a digital ‘me’?

elovee uses leading-edge conversation software to create a digital render of a family member that looks like them, sounds like them, and interacts like them. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to set up. The family member signs up through the secure app, snaps a picture and records a few audio clips. Next, elovee’s conversation software uses their image and voice to build a personalized digital render of them, a digital ‘you’. Once complete, their digital ‘you’ can engage in conversations and help address specific behaviors too. The conversation software is designed specifically for seniors with dementia—words are phrases proven to alleviate stress, boredom, or anxiety are built right in.

Caregivers can call the family member’s digital ‘you’ at any time. It responds immediately and looks, sounds and interacts like family. Seniors can talk to it just like a video phone call, except family doesn’t have to be on the other end of the line for it to work—it’s all digital. That’s what makes elovee such a powerful innovation in dementia care. It’s the loving face and voice of family available to offer calm, comfort and support any time, day or night.