Our Story


Our mission is to eliminate loneliness, provide comfort, and preserve happiness for those who can’t advocate for themselves through the power of meaningful relationships. We combine data science, design and neuropsychology expertise to deliver comforting, empathetic voice and visual interactions with loved ones, available 24/7. 


We want to revolutionize care by enabling loved ones to replicate the power of a warm hug, even when they’re not there. 

Our Story 

elovee was founded based on the idea that we can improve the experience of aging through technology. With an initial focus on seniors with dementia, a population of 50 million globally and set to triple by 2050, we seek to increase the quality of life for our users by providing comforting interactions with a loved one's likeness 24/7. elovee’s ability to comfort and reassure is based on neuropsychology and dementia care best practice, and is refined through continuous use. Our aim is to be the world’s leading care platform, comforting seniors, empowering caregivers, and bolstering loved ones relationships. 

Our approach to dementia care 

We believe in an approach to dementia care that focuses on improving the quality of life for people living with dementia by “living in their moment” while reducing stress and anxiety. elovee’s conversational intelligence is based on an innovative methodology developed by Dr. Heather Palmer which brings together different best-practice and evidence-based approaches from dementia care experts around the world. elovee is built to hold conversations with seniors with dementia by validating their experience, engaging in topics meaningful to them, and reducing their stress by providing reassurance. Through the conversation the senior with dementia is successfully redirected and able to enjoy engaging in all of life’s day to day activities.


We are user centered in all we do and strive to be reliable, loyal, safe, secure, and trustworthy. 

  • We advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves 

  • We use technology to enhance care, not replace it 

  • We are committed to growing and evolving through science and research 

  • We support relationships and genuine human connection 

  • We create safe, secure, and trustworthy products 

  • We strive to eliminate loneliness and isolation, not contribute to it 

  • We work toward optimism, empathy, and inclusion for all users 

Our Team 

elovee has been built by a team of technologists, designers, product managers, senior care experts, cognitive psychologists, impact entrepreneurs and investors. Our backgrounds span the globe and diverse pursuits.


elovee is hiring! See the open positions below, and contact us with your resume at careers@elovee.com to find out how you can help to revolutionize care through technology.

Chief Executive Officer - New York, NY

Chief Technology Officer - New York, NY

Head of Product - New York, NY

Head of Sales & Marketing - New York, NY

Lead Data Scientist - New York, NY

Fullstack Engineer - New York, NY